Keeping the roof on my head

About Henderson Housing. This happened about 4 years and 8 months ago

After some severe windy weather the roof on my home had taken quite the battering. I was awoken in the early hours of one morning to the sound of tiles smashing onto the floor outside.

Later that morning I called up to ask if someone could come and look at it. I was delighted when someone came round that day to take a look. They said it was very serious given the risk of tiles falling and injuring people.

Unfortunately, due to the strong winds, nothing could be done right away, but as soon as the wind died down I called again to chase and after another day someone came round to take another look. Not sure why, as they knew the situation already.

One week later someone came to check the roof, replace the tiles and secure the others.

It was all very little hassle and although it could have been quicker I was satisfied with the speed of the response and work done.

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